Six-Figure Business Plan

Create a Business Plan for a Profitable, Sustainable Business

but just doesn’t quite know how to put all the pieces together to make money while doing it.

From the newer entrepreneur that’s taken the first steps, but just not sure where to go next, to the successful entrepreneur that wants to grow her community and revenue online - this is for you.

Imagine what it would feel like to feel confident in your business decision-making. What it would be like to be excited to work on taking the next aligned step in your business (and you’d know exactly what that is). Imagine being able to translate that confidence into visibility by showing up consistently as an authority in your industry and attracting dream clients with ease.

That is the type of support and clarity that the 6-Figure Business Plan provides.

But instead of clarity and action, right now your:

  • You’re always wondering where the next client is coming from
  • You’re inconsistent in your branding and sending mixed messages
  • You’re completely paralyzed to progress - not to mention stressed to the max!
Plus, you’re totally overwhelmed and confused about how the heck to make this all work profitable.



Whether you’re brand new to business or you’re established and ready to go to the next level, the 6-Figure Business Plan will challenge and empower you to create a foundation for a profitable and sustainable business.

Inside the course you’ll not only get a gorgeous drag-and-drop template so you can create a beautiful, powerful business plan for yourself, but you’ll also get:

  • Examples of what a designed business could look like
  • 8 video trainings on how to use the business plan template to complete each section defining and refining your brand, clients, offers, unique position, your money, and so much more
  • 10 BONUS video trainings to complement your business plan to support you in reaching 6 figures
  • Access to The Resilient & Profitable Entrepreneur Facebook group to share your process, get feedback and to conduct market research as you refine your offers while going through the plan

Everyone’s path looks different and this template is specifically and strategically designed to help you map out your own path to six figure success and freedom.


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I’m a Business Coach and Consultant and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. I’m also a mom, an empath, and a previous corporate America ladder climber.

After obtaining my MBA in Organizational Leadership, I worked as a financial and project manager, personally managing over $35 million in assets. In my now 14 years of business experience, I’ve written and been a part of dozens of business plans - I know what it takes to build a sustainable, profitable business and I’ve broken it down for you here in the Six Figure Business Plan.

I consciously left corporate America (and my cushy corporate salary) when I became a mother. I went from never wanting kids to not being able to imagine spending a single day away from my child. I’m here to empower women just like you with the freedom you need to be able to make these kind of decisions without feeling dependent on anyone else other than yourself and your own abilities.

The strategies I teach in this course are not only the ones I’ve used myself, but the same ones I’ve used to support other women in building profitable businesses that have changed their lives, created a legacy for themselves, and ultimately, changed the world around them for the better.

  • Question: What is this?
    • Answer: a self-paced course and beautiful drag-and-drop template with graphics and copy to help you create a plan to scale to six figures with clarity.
  • Question: who is this for?
    • Answer: Both new business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs alike that want to grow their business and their impact.
  • Question: How much is it?
    • Answer: While the value is over $1200, this course is priced at only $888.
  • Question: How do I get started?
    • Answer: Hit the enroll button to checkout. After payment is complete you’ll get instant access to the template and all course materials.

"OMG! The Six Figure business plan is INCREDIBLE!

As a marketing strategist, connecting people's offers to their buyer personas for killer marketing is my bread and butter. I do it everyday. For some reason, though, there was disconnect and doing this for myself. *Enter Jenn's business plans* WOW! I have so much clarity in my offers and WHO they are for and HOW I will market them. Since finishing and implementing the business plan, I've closed over $5k in sales! This was my missing link."

- Ashley Burnside, Digital Marketing Strategist + Email Expert

"The 6-Figure Business Plan Program was the very first product of Jenn’s that I signed up for. I was scared of making the investment, but what scared me more was being in the exact same place, making no progress, 6 months later. Before taking the program I had an idea, that was it. Since making my business plan, I’ve launched my business, created two programs, quit 2 part-time jobs, and have had several clients who have had incredible results of their own. The 6-Figure Business Plan Program gave me SO MUCH CLARITY around my business and what direction I need to be going in. I don’t even want to think about where I would be today if I hadn’t taken the program."

- Marissa Lyn, Instagram Strategist + Social Media Manager

"Before Jenn's Six Figure Business Plan I had quit my 9 to 5 to pursue my business with no back up plan, but I was just throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping it would stick! Now I have gone from $0 with hardly any leads to $1000+ in just one month because of the clarity and tools I've gained from this course!"

- Kailee Collier, Social Media Consultant + Coach

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"The business plan gave me more clarity about my branding, my ideal clients and also my process. It made my vision become more tangible. I’m a big picture thinker and don’t prefer to work on the details, however, sometimes those details are everything! It’s what differentiate you and make your business unique. Thanks to the simple and insightful template of the Business Plan, I was able to zoom in on details and zoom out to see the full picture. It was amazing to see how everything can come together seamlessly when we put the effort to create that alignment between many aspects of the business plan, the branding, the offers, the ideals clients. My favorite part of it was the support system, as I fee like this is something that is often overlooked and forgotten when we start working on our business.That said, after gaining this clarity, I’m more confident about my coaching practice and the value I deliver to my clients and ready to hit the ground running."

- Ruqaya Ibrahim, Leadership Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
This course is a self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 24 hours and we will give you a full refund.
How does this course work?
I designed this course to be simple, yet effective for entrepreneur to go through at their own pace. We will use The Resilient & Profitable Entrepreneur Facebook group to connect and share our experiences, discoveries and processes through this journey. Support and accountability are ESSENTIAL when designing a business plan.
What if I have questions, where do I ask them?
You can use The Resilient & Profitable Entrepreneur Facebook group to get ask questions about this course and receive feedback from previous student or clients of mine OR you can contact me to schedule a Six Figure Business Plan Intensive <---- THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS!
What if I love you and this course and want to share it with others? Can I make money?
YES! You can become an Official Affiliate and receive 50% commissions on your sales. Use the "Be An Affiliate" link at the top of your school to apply for your own affiliate link.

"Before completing the Six Figure Business Plan, I didn't have a clear vision about my business, I didn't have a website, and I hadn't mapped out my packages. In just a few weeks time, I had a business and financial plan! Not only that, I now have a gorgeous website, all my packages detailed, gained the confidence to reached out to others and gained 5 new clients. I was able to do this with Jenn's training, her energy and her ability to turn my idea into a better one making all of this come to life.!"

- Tina Patricia, Graphic & Web Designer-Founder, Tina Patricia

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